Zurich is one of the leading life science centers in Europe. Academic excellence, high profile education programs and the high quality of life also render Zurich competitive in the global market for talent at the entrepreneurial level. More information: LSZ booklet.

Since 2000 no other economic branch in the canton of Zurich has expaned as fast as the Life Science sector. The Division of Economic Development has conducted regular Cluster Dialogue events since 2010. More information concerning these events can be found here.


25 spin-offs were founded at ETH Zurich last year – more than ever before in a single year. The new record highlights the benefits of supporting young talent early on and illustrates that ETH’s own support programme is paying off. (ETH-News 5.1.2016)

Less time, fewer errors and simpler to perform. That is what is promised by this new approach to analysing proteins in the lab. Tina Hovestadt received a Pioneer Fellowship from ETH Zurich for this project. (ETH-News 13.7.2015)

In the light of the rapid progress in genomic analysis and information technologies, personal data relevant to health and disease of individuals can be obtained and analysed with increasing ease and efficiency. The symposium «Data and Health» organised by the association «Health and Data» took place on October 8, 2013. The lectures at the symposium can be found here.